Want a TMIRCE shirt? Sure – we all do!
Now you can have a closet full of them…

So What’s The Deal…

We will be placing an order through Running Warehouse for shirts printed with our custom and unique TMIRCE NYC logos.

The group order will end soon so if you want TMIRCE shirts you need to order ASAP! The order window closes on Friday, 7/19/19 @ 12:00pm.

We are offering several styles and brands. There are Short Sleeve, Tank (Singlet) and Long Sleeve options; Women’s and Men’s in a variety of colors. One new twist with this year’s order: You can specify whether you’d like the TMIRCE logo printed in White Ink or Black Ink.

Note: The choice of ink color is up to you however some shirt colors lend themselves to a certain color ink. Please don’t order a white shirt with white ink because it won’t come out. 

These could be yours!

These could be yours!

How Much Do They Cost?

Each style option has slightly different pricing:

Short Sleeve T-Shirt:  ASICS $24.00; New Balance $24.50

Tank Top:  ASICS or Brooks $23.00

Long Sleeve T-Shirt: ASICS $25.50

(Men’s & Women’s are the same price.)



Short Sleeve

ASICS Women's Circuit 8 SS                      $24.00 /each                       https://tinyurl.com/Women-ASICS-SS

New Balance Women's SS Tech Tee          $24.50 /each                       https://tinyurl.com/Women-NB-SS


ASICS Women's Rival II Singlet                   $23.00 /each                       https://tinyurl.com/Women-ASICS-Tank

Brooks Women's Podium Singlet                $23.00 /each                       https://tinyurl.com/Women-Brooks-Tank

Long Sleeve

ASICS Women's Circuit 8 LS                        $25.50 /each                       https://tinyurl.com/Women-ASICS-LS



Short Sleeve

ASICS Men's Circuit 8 SS                              $24.00 /each                       https://tinyurl.com/Men-ASICS-SS

New Balance Men's SS Tech Tee                  $24.50 /each                       https://tinyurl.com/Men-NB-SS


ASICS Men's Rival II Singlet                         $23.00 /each                       https://tinyurl.com/Men-ASICS-Tank

Brooks Men's Podium Singlet                       $23.00 /each                       https://tinyurl.com/Men-Brooks-Tank

Long Sleeve

ASICS Men's Circuit 8 LS                              $25.50 /each                       https://tinyurl.com/Men-ASICS-LS


How Do I Order a Shirt or 10???

Step 1: Check out the styles and colors more closely

Use the links above to get more information on the shirt styles, colors and sizes. This is just to see the different options available. You will *NOT* place your order on Running Warehouse.

Step 2: When you have decided what you want to buy… Email your order to us.

Send me (Darren King) an email your written order at darrenfking@yahoo.com and cc: Chris Lopez calopez05@gmail.com specifying for each shirt you order:

(1)   Your Full Name. Please don’t assume we know your last name.

(2)   Phone Number. We promise not to text you in the middle of the night.

(3)   Exact Style. Use the descriptions in Step 1 and be sure to specify Men’s or Women’s.

(4)   Exact Color. Be specific! Some of the colors may have detailed names. Use the website links above.

(5)   TMIRCE Print Color. Options are White or Black. This is the color that will be used to print the TMIRCE logos.

(6)   Size. Most style and color options range from XS to XL.

Buy as many as you’d like in as many different styles and colors as you’d like. There’s a good chance this will be our only order in 2019 so buy your long sleeve options now. 

Note: Unfortunately, we do not control the inventory. It is possible that some combinations of Color & Size may be unavailable. The Running Warehouse website shows their available inventory in real-time so please take a look before selecting your shirt. We will do our best to allow you to make changes if something gets sold out during the order period. If we cannot reach you to confirm changes or there are no alternatives that meet your needs, we will cancel that portion of your order and provide a full refund.

Which brings us to…

Step 3: Pay for your shirts

Individual orders will be packaged together and we will make 1 bulk purchase when the order window closes on 7/19/19.

Therefore, you will need to pay for your shirts at the time you email your order. 

After sending your order via email in Step 2, please make payment to me on Venmo (Darren King;  @darren-king)

Include “TMIRCE Shirt Order” and your Email Address in the Venmo notes field.

I will confirm receipt of your Venmo payment via email within 24 hours.

If you paid but do not receive a confirm, please follow up!

Venmo is the highly-preferred payment method but I will try to be flexible if you don’t use it.

If you send an email order but do not pay by the time the order window closes, your order will not be processed.

Late orders and/or payments will not be accepted. We apologize for this but we don’t want one person holding up everyone else.

Step 4: Delivery!!!

Printing and shipping are expected to take approximately 3 weeks once we’ve placed the bulk order with Running Warehouse.

When the shirts arrive, we'll distribute them at Monday Track Workouts, Thursday Tempo Workouts and Saturday bRUNches. There’s no guarantee you’ll be faster wearing TMIRCE gear in your next race, but we promise you’ll look great running it!!!

Please reach out to us with any questions.