Q: What is The Most Informal Running Club, Ever (TMIRCE)?
A: TMIRCE (pronounced ti-mer-see) is a running club for everybody. And we mean everybody. Yes, you, too. Read more about us here.

Q: Where do you meet?
A: We mostly meet in lower Manhattan. *Mostly*

Q: Can’t I just get all the relevant details on facebook or something?
A: Of course! For workout invitations and TMIRCE community join our facebook group. For photos and news updates like our facebook page. Or tweet at us: @tmircenyc.

Q: What if I am a slow runner?
A: Then you will fit right in! Speed is not important to us. We are looking for people who want to be part of a fun community of people. It just so happens that our community happens to go running occasionally. But we don’t make it a point to go fast on group runs. We want everybody to feel welcome! And you know what? Something magical happens when you commit yourself to running with others — you will end up improving your speed whether you like it or not.

Q: What does it cost to join?
A: NOTHING! All TMIRCE events, workouts, socials, etc. are free. Sure, you might have to catch a train or cab it. You might have to bring some cash for brunch on Saturday or beer after a track workout. But you didn’t really expect us to pay for your pancakes, did you?

Q: Are the track workouts hard?
A: Yes. They hurt. In a good way. It turns out the only way to learn how to run faster is to, well, run faster.

Q: I’ve heard rumors of an early morning workout. What’s up with that? Why is it so early???
A: That’s a spinoff of TMIRCE that is now called The Rise. The Rise challenges you to wake up and work out all before 7am. Workouts start promptly at 6:30 at various locations around NYC. Depending on where you live you will be back home and showering by 7:30 am. That’s pretty awesome! And you will ride that awesome wave all day long…

Q: I want to run on Saturday, but I can’t stay for brunch. Is that cool?

Q: I want to go to brunch on Saturday, but I don’t want to run. Is that cool?
A: YES! Just know that we might not smell as lovely as you. In fact, we might outright stink. But if that’s okay with you, we would love to see you at brunch.


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