TMIRCE: Great Trek 2019

We are incredibly lucky and fortunate to bring you one of the most informal races ever!! So informal that we don’t have a physical location!

For those of you that participated in the “Great TMIRCE Trek” in 2016, you know how it works, for those of you that didn’t we’ll keep it simple.

 1.    It

2.    Will

3.    Be

4.    Awesome!

TMIRCE has teamed up with Racery to set up a custom virtual race route highlighting the course of the five specific Marathons, one in each of our awesome chapters’ home city!

What to expect: 

The Great TMIRCE Trek will begin on January 1st and will run until January 31st. Any miles you run during this time, either training, Track, Tempo, bRUNch miles or any other can be applied to your overall team total. 

This is a continuous loop, so you can log as many miles as you want over and over until January 31st, one full circuit would be about 131 miles, once you’ve gone around once, you continue back at the start with a total mileage count continuing! 

How it works:

- Racery has been amazing and has offered us a discount code of 100%... SERIOUSLY!!! 

- Teams will be made up of 2-3 members, if you have teammates in mind, you’re all set, if you need teammates, feel free to post in the TMIRCE chapter and find someone!

- As a group, you and your fellow TMIRCE runners will log miles into the Racery app or website. You can use any app, wearable device or running tracking system to track your miles, you just need to upload a screenshot and enter the completed miles on the Racery platform

- After entering the miles your team will be moved along the race course.

- Racery has rolled out a bunch of awesome new features, so you’ll see a lot of cool swag, posts and popups along the course, keep an eye out! Sneak peak

- This race is 100% optional and you should not feel pressured to participate at all! It's just a fun idea to get us ready for the winter!

Much love and llamas

Beginner’s Run Series


New to running and not sure where to begin? Have running related questions that Google can’t quite seem to answer? TMIRCE has your back!!

Join us for the Beginner’s Runs Series!!

How does it work?

The Beginner’s Run is a six week series of runs every Tuesday at 7:00PM beginning on October 4th and going through November 8th. Mileage will range between 1 to 3-ish miles, without any pace limitations – you can run, run/walk or walk the route as you get to meet TMIRCE runners and get comfortable running.

The runs will include tips to help your form and breathing. We’ll go over ways to increase endurance and speed.

We will be meeting at Whiskey Town on East 3rd Street between 2nd Avenue and Bowery. Bag drop, highfives, smiles and words of encouragement will be provided.



Have more questions?

Q: I’m really new to running/fitness and haven’t run a mile…ever. Can I come?
A: Yea-uh! This is for you.

Q: Ho much does this awesome class cost?
A: NOTHING! It’s 100% free! We just want to help people find the joy and love of running!

Q: How Do I find you guys?!
A: Show up to Whiskey Town by 7:00PM and look for all the excited people smiling!


Big smiles with TMIRCE: Beginners Run!


TMIRCE Virtual Race – The Good, The Fun, The Winners

Firstly, thank you to everyone who participated, thank you to everyone who followed the virtual journey, and thank you to everyone who asked “what’s that? that’s silly, I’m in next time!!”

The TMIRCE Virtual Race wrapped last week, with final miles being logged on October 31st. It was a beast of a course! So much running, so many virtual high fives, so great to see TMIRCE: Boston race TMIRCE: New York, to see TMIRCE: Denver log miles alongside TMIRCE: Upstate. The Virtual Race was a test to see if we could launch something that could get all chapters involved, and it was a huge success!

On that note, let’s get into some of the final week highlights.

NYC vs Boston

The battle for first concluded on October 21st. It was long and grueling back and forth. Boston’s “iH8SUMMAhRuNNiN” was one heck of an opponent, they deserve all the praise you can muster, but NYC’s “Track Rabbits” were a dedicated bunch with a lot on the line. With a team effort and final push, the race had it’s first finishing team!


Team “Track Rabbits” were so blown away by the fortitude, dedication and endurance that “iH8SUMMAhRuNNiN” demonstrated, they got together and celebrated them from afar!


Boston Crosses The Finish

As the original home of TMIRCE, it’s no surprise that they had such a solid showing in the top five of this 1,600+ mile race. “iH8SUMMAhRuNNiN” took second place and “Wicked Smahties” took a very close third place. TMIRCE: NYC’s “Sewer Gator’s” plowed through Long Island and finished slightly behind them.


The next teams put on an incredible show, the battle to see who would round out the top Five was between TMIRCE: NYC and TMIRCE: Upstate! After quiet a bit of back and forth, the hearty and brave “BK Thundercats” squeaked by a victory over the “Huevos RUNChero”, coming down to the very last minutes.


The Secret Race

We knew there were two dark horse runners. One was a known ultra marathoner who runs and wins 100 mile races, the other, a quiet long sleeve clad runner with a heart of gold and penchant for putting on his shoes and spending time on the road.

While most of us were egging each other on and watching our avatar’s tick around New York State, TMIRCE: NYC’s GoBroncos (Stephen Green) was battling TMIRCE: NYC’s HoosOnTheRun (Darren King) for most single runner mileage. A secret race where they posted their miles at odd times of the night to sneak ahead of the other, thanks to Racery’s emails, they often woke to “You’ve just been passed” or “Watch out, you’re only .3 miles ahead of…”. Sitting on the sidelines, I was amazed by how much their race-within-a-race was taking a life of it’s own, how strategically both of them were playing it and stealthy racing each other on.

In the end, GoBroncos inched ahead and won with a late night posting. GO STEPHEN!


Prizes and the Raffle

Because the “Track Rabbits” were able to hammer out the big W for the race, the top prizes – (3) 4iD Power Armz and (3) Shoe Clip Lights – were put back into the raffle bagv. Tier One prizes were the arm and ankle bands, Tier Two was a set of RaceDots bib magnets and Tier Three was (2) pairs of Runnies reflective laces.


Raffle tickets were awarded to each individual runner based on where their team standings and what milestones they crossed. If you would like a full list, or want to nerd out over super complex, Excel Sheets, Darren King set one up and we can forward it along.


 Race Director Chris Lopez put all the names in a bag and drew the following winners!



Tier One

TMIRCE: Boston – Supermere (Meredith Marx)
TMIRCE: NYC – KillahC8 (Caitlin Harley)
TMIRCE: Boston – Tongstah (Kristopher Tong)
TMIRCE: NYC – Kirst (Kirsty Morland)
TMIRCE: NYC – EMal (Elizabeth Mallory)
TMIRCE: Boston – JillC (Jill Conroy)

Tier Two

TMIRCE: NYC – Pumyra (Nikki Butgereit)

Tier Three

TMIRCE: NYC – Helene (Helene Soleille)
TMIRCE: NYC – Lion-O (Chad Donnick)



Fun Fact Corner

  • As a whole, the 75 runners logged 17,215.6 miles!
    • This is a full lap around Mars (13,263 miles) and almost four laps around Pluto (4,494 miles)
    • You would have burned through 57 pairs of sneakers if you replace them every 300 miles
    • This is 657 Full Marathons!
  • This milage is equivalent to burning 1,721,560 calories
    • This is over 11,100 beers!
    • It’s over 6,000 slices of Pizza
    • This is about 491 pounds
  • Twelve teams made it to the half way point
  • Seven teams made it to the three quarter mark!!

Thank you all for joining us on this very odd and silly journey. As a thank you, Darren King and Chris Lopez had magnets printed to commemorate and celebrate the first ever Virtual Race and first ever TMIRCE wide event! The magnets will be shipped to team leaders in other cities and will be distributed at the workouts all week.

Love and llamas!

TMIRCE Virtual Race – Week 6



Week 6 is done. Shoes have been laced up, pavement has been pounded, miles have been crushed!

The teams are grinding out the final 18 days of the #VirtualRace with Racery. The smack talk has been flying and the race has not been closer, I haven’t been this excited since McDonald’s revealed their “All Day Breakfast” menu! Let’s get down to it:


To best include all the incredible running feats, the prizes will be based on a raffle system; each team earns entry tickets by having passed various check ins. Here is the list of how this will be awarded. The prizes themselves will remain a secret until they are drawn.



These past two weeks were incredible for running, even more incredible for virtual running!! We had four TMIRCE runners complete the Ironman in Maryland, three from the “Track Rabbits” and one from “NYC Coyotes”. TMIRCE: Boston’s “iH8SUMMAhRuNNiN” had FIVE MARATHON COMPLETIONS! TMIRCE: Upstate’s fearless leader, CurlyK crushed 26.2 miles for the “Heuvos RUNchero”. GoBroncos dropped an incredible 105.5 miles with Moxie following up with 54.9 miles for TMIRCE: NYC’s “Sewer Gators”!

Lest we forget all of those TMIRCE: NYC members who braved the rain and crushed the Staten Island Half, or those that enjoyed a brisk run through Brooklyn for the Rock and Roll Brooklyn Half.

All these miles have catapulted the teams to the half way mark and beyond!!

Battle For Top 10

The battle for who rounds out the top 10 has been incredible! The 9th, 10th and 11th spot have been neck and neck for weeks and it’s been a real treat watching the “NYC Coyote’s”, “The SHOEffles” and the “Subway Sharks” battle it out.


Battle For First

It’s been an incredibly close race between NYC’s stacked “Track Rabbits” and Boston’s all star team “iH8SUMMAhRuNNiN”. It’s been weeks since Boston took first place, after dropping over 131 race miles, it was clear they were a running force to be feared. But, in true New York scrappiness, the “Track Rabbits” have stepped it up and are back in it! Here’s a quick timeline of how close the race has been.

October 3rd – Only a 10 mile spread


October 4th – By whatever shoe-lace fates arranged it, a dead even TIE!


October 6th – Boston edged into first by 3 miles!


October 10th – Boston is the first on Long Island and on the final push to the end!


Fun Fact Corner

  • As a whole, we’ve run over 12,700 miles. This is 1,000 miles further than the distanced from Boston, MA to Perth, Australia.

 If you would like to reach out to your fellow TMIRCE Virtual Race runners, we will send out your “Race Team” profile if you send it along to Darren King or Chris Lopez.

TMIRCE Virtual Race – Week 4


What can I say?! The TMIRCE Virtual Race has been a huge success! Way more than anything I could have imagined or hoped for! It has brought together TMIRCE: Boston, TMIRCE: Upstate, TMIRCE: NYC and TMIRCE: Denver in the most informal race condition imaginable! Better yet, we’ve all had a complete blast with it and have continuously pushed each other to lace up and go for a run, meet with teammates and log miles, and just all around have fun crushing those Fall long runs!

Some things to note! We’re extending the race registration through to October 31st, the last day to log miles for your team. This means if you have any friends that have asked why you’re shouting “YES! MADE IT TO OSWEGO!!”, you have time to convince them to join up. Just send them this link here and they can sign up for the TMIRCE #VirtualRace hosted by

We are also excited to say that we have gathered prizes and are in the middle of our grand machinations for their award. All prizes are either TMIRCE or general running related, they will be won by the entire group not individual and will be 100% awesome!

Let’s look at the past week of virtual running!

Battle For First!

It has been a close race between TMIRCE:Boston’s elite team iH8SUMMAhRuNNiN  and TMIRCE:NYC’s Track Rabbits. It was a constant back and forth for the first three weeks, but by September 20th, iH8SUMMAhRuNNiN took a giant leap ahead and crossed the halfway mark first! Kudos TMIRCE:Boston!

It was clear that the Track Rabbits had to put in some double days and team runs, which we did! But it wasn’t enough, iH8SUMMAhRuNNiN dropped the hammer and passed the 1,000 mile mark first! Again, way to go TMIRCE: Boston!!


They’re currently on the final leg, a straight shot down to New York City


Top 10 Fight

Watching the eternal battle to be the best between Boston and New York City has been pretty entertaining, let’s not over look the fight to round out the top 10! TMICE:NYC’s NYC Coyotes and Subway Sharks along with TMIRCE: Upstate’s The SHOEffles have been pounding on the pavement logging miles in the closest race this side of Staten Island!! Fighting over 9th, 10th and 11th place has come down to tenths of a mile, with the current spread only being a a few 5K’s per member.


Where Are We?!

As of now, the top four teams are all past the half way mark with four weeks left, I think it’s safe to say that they will be making it with plenty of time. The BK Thundercats  and Huevos RUNchero have been putting in some consistent mileage and are on schedule to cross the finish by October 31st. The rest of the Top 10 teams are all on pace to finish more than 75% of the course!

Fun Fact Corner

  • As a group, we’ve already run 8,704 miles. At the equator, the Earth’s diameter is only 7,926 miles… so yeah… WE COULD’VE RUN THROUGH THE PLANET!
    • The Moon has a diameter of 2,158 miles, so we could’ve run two loops back and forth through the center of the Moon!

If you would like to reach out to your fellow TMIRCE Virtual Race runners, we will send out your “Race Team” profile if you send it along to Darren King or Chris Lopez.


TMIRCE Virtual Race – Week 2

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the end of Week 2 of the TMIRCE: Trek!

Today we will highlight some of the crazy, fun and silly awesomeness that is this virtual race around New York state.

Firstly, I am Seal-Oh, of the Track Rabbits, a grouped named in honor of the furry subterranean dwelling critters we all fear and love. Several people have noted that this team seems a bit stacked; how else could a super team of runners all end up on the team?! But I’ll have you know, we were meticulously selected by the Race Creator and put on a team for a very specific and super secret reason; a reason that is so secret, even trying to imagine the rational behind the dream that brought this secret plan into existence, would cause you to go completely and utterly insane. So if you have complaints, bring them up to Chris Lopez directly… oh wait… that’s me, never mind.

So for those concerned, just know that the Track Rabbits are excluded from prizes and act more as a race-hare for other teams.

With this in mind, let’s talk about the other incredible teams that have joined us! TMIRCE: Boston has two teams that are constantly battling it out for spots in the top five! Our newest sister club, TMIRCE: Upstate NY, has two teams plowing through miles filled with bears and other dangerous creatures. We even have a team of TMIRCE folk that are traveling the world in true Road Llamas sense, crushing miles in Canada, Paris, Colorado and New York.

On that note, let’s take a look at the week in virtual racing!

First Team Out!

The #VirtualRace kicked off on September 1st, and the BK Thundercats could not wait to get out there! They were the first team to log miles, and have consistently been laying done miles, keeping them among the top five teams on the leaderboards. They have worked together as a team to put down miles, and we’re sure they will continue to do so as the long-runs get longer and the temperature gets more favorable!

First Team Out of NYC!

The race started in Staten Island, and every team seemed to be in a rush to get out of there as soon as possible, I wonder why?! After the first two days of logging miles, we had eight teams already out of Manhattan, past Yonkers and over the Hudson River.

Fun Fact Time!

  • As a group, 72 active runners have logged over 4,100 miles! That’s the distance from Miami, Florida to Anchorage Alaska!
  • This mileage would be equal to running over 660 10Ks, or running over 310 half marathons, or running over 156 marathons, or running over 55 100K Ultra Marathons
  • In order to finish the race in time, each team would need to average 200(ish) miles per week. As of today, the top five teams are well on course with the next five teams (6th to 10th place) on track to finish over 70% of the course

What’s Next?

For anyone who was on the fence and didn’t sign up. Registration is open until the end of the day today, you can back date any miles you ran as of September 1st. All you have to do is click here and sign up, you can join a team that has open spots or start a new one.
*If that link doesn’t work, try this for the Virtual Race*

We’ll be doing another check-in at the end of Week 4. We’ll reveal a bit more about the prizes are, how they are picked and how they will be distributed.

We’re going to be doing “Race Team” profiles. If you would like to send out a blurb to the TMIRCE: Virtual Race list describing who you and your teammates are, reach out to Chris Lopez and Darren King who are managing the race.