TMIRCE Virtual Race – Week 4


What can I say?! The TMIRCE Virtual Race has been a huge success! Way more than anything I could have imagined or hoped for! It has brought together TMIRCE: Boston, TMIRCE: Upstate, TMIRCE: NYC and TMIRCE: Denver in the most informal race condition imaginable! Better yet, we’ve all had a complete blast with it and have continuously pushed each other to lace up and go for a run, meet with teammates and log miles, and just all around have fun crushing those Fall long runs!

Some things to note! We’re extending the race registration through to October 31st, the last day to log miles for your team. This means if you have any friends that have asked why you’re shouting “YES! MADE IT TO OSWEGO!!”, you have time to convince them to join up. Just send them this link here and they can sign up for the TMIRCE #VirtualRace hosted by

We are also excited to say that we have gathered prizes and are in the middle of our grand machinations for their award. All prizes are either TMIRCE or general running related, they will be won by the entire group not individual and will be 100% awesome!

Let’s look at the past week of virtual running!

Battle For First!

It has been a close race between TMIRCE:Boston’s elite team iH8SUMMAhRuNNiN  and TMIRCE:NYC’s Track Rabbits. It was a constant back and forth for the first three weeks, but by September 20th, iH8SUMMAhRuNNiN took a giant leap ahead and crossed the halfway mark first! Kudos TMIRCE:Boston!

It was clear that the Track Rabbits had to put in some double days and team runs, which we did! But it wasn’t enough, iH8SUMMAhRuNNiN dropped the hammer and passed the 1,000 mile mark first! Again, way to go TMIRCE: Boston!!


They’re currently on the final leg, a straight shot down to New York City


Top 10 Fight

Watching the eternal battle to be the best between Boston and New York City has been pretty entertaining, let’s not over look the fight to round out the top 10! TMICE:NYC’s NYC Coyotes and Subway Sharks along with TMIRCE: Upstate’s The SHOEffles have been pounding on the pavement logging miles in the closest race this side of Staten Island!! Fighting over 9th, 10th and 11th place has come down to tenths of a mile, with the current spread only being a a few 5K’s per member.


Where Are We?!

As of now, the top four teams are all past the half way mark with four weeks left, I think it’s safe to say that they will be making it with plenty of time. The BK Thundercats  and Huevos RUNchero have been putting in some consistent mileage and are on schedule to cross the finish by October 31st. The rest of the Top 10 teams are all on pace to finish more than 75% of the course!

Fun Fact Corner

  • As a group, we’ve already run 8,704 miles. At the equator, the Earth’s diameter is only 7,926 miles… so yeah… WE COULD’VE RUN THROUGH THE PLANET!
    • The Moon has a diameter of 2,158 miles, so we could’ve run two loops back and forth through the center of the Moon!

If you would like to reach out to your fellow TMIRCE Virtual Race runners, we will send out your “Race Team” profile if you send it along to Darren King or Chris Lopez.