TMIRCE Virtual Race – Week 6



Week 6 is done. Shoes have been laced up, pavement has been pounded, miles have been crushed!

The teams are grinding out the final 18 days of the #VirtualRace with Racery. The smack talk has been flying and the race has not been closer, I haven’t been this excited since McDonald’s revealed their “All Day Breakfast” menu! Let’s get down to it:


To best include all the incredible running feats, the prizes will be based on a raffle system; each team earns entry tickets by having passed various check ins. Here is the list of how this will be awarded. The prizes themselves will remain a secret until they are drawn.



These past two weeks were incredible for running, even more incredible for virtual running!! We had four TMIRCE runners complete the Ironman in Maryland, three from the “Track Rabbits” and one from “NYC Coyotes”. TMIRCE: Boston’s “iH8SUMMAhRuNNiN” had FIVE MARATHON COMPLETIONS! TMIRCE: Upstate’s fearless leader, CurlyK crushed 26.2 miles for the “Heuvos RUNchero”. GoBroncos dropped an incredible 105.5 miles with Moxie following up with 54.9 miles for TMIRCE: NYC’s “Sewer Gators”!

Lest we forget all of those TMIRCE: NYC members who braved the rain and crushed the Staten Island Half, or those that enjoyed a brisk run through Brooklyn for the Rock and Roll Brooklyn Half.

All these miles have catapulted the teams to the half way mark and beyond!!

Battle For Top 10

The battle for who rounds out the top 10 has been incredible! The 9th, 10th and 11th spot have been neck and neck for weeks and it’s been a real treat watching the “NYC Coyote’s”, “The SHOEffles” and the “Subway Sharks” battle it out.


Battle For First

It’s been an incredibly close race between NYC’s stacked “Track Rabbits” and Boston’s all star team “iH8SUMMAhRuNNiN”. It’s been weeks since Boston took first place, after dropping over 131 race miles, it was clear they were a running force to be feared. But, in true New York scrappiness, the “Track Rabbits” have stepped it up and are back in it! Here’s a quick timeline of how close the race has been.

October 3rd – Only a 10 mile spread


October 4th – By whatever shoe-lace fates arranged it, a dead even TIE!


October 6th – Boston edged into first by 3 miles!


October 10th – Boston is the first on Long Island and on the final push to the end!


Fun Fact Corner

  • As a whole, we’ve run over 12,700 miles. This is 1,000 miles further than the distanced from Boston, MA to Perth, Australia.

 If you would like to reach out to your fellow TMIRCE Virtual Race runners, we will send out your “Race Team” profile if you send it along to Darren King or Chris Lopez.