TMIRCE Virtual Race – The Good, The Fun, The Winners

Firstly, thank you to everyone who participated, thank you to everyone who followed the virtual journey, and thank you to everyone who asked “what’s that? that’s silly, I’m in next time!!”

The TMIRCE Virtual Race wrapped last week, with final miles being logged on October 31st. It was a beast of a course! So much running, so many virtual high fives, so great to see TMIRCE: Boston race TMIRCE: New York, to see TMIRCE: Denver log miles alongside TMIRCE: Upstate. The Virtual Race was a test to see if we could launch something that could get all chapters involved, and it was a huge success!

On that note, let’s get into some of the final week highlights.

NYC vs Boston

The battle for first concluded on October 21st. It was long and grueling back and forth. Boston’s “iH8SUMMAhRuNNiN” was one heck of an opponent, they deserve all the praise you can muster, but NYC’s “Track Rabbits” were a dedicated bunch with a lot on the line. With a team effort and final push, the race had it’s first finishing team!


Team “Track Rabbits” were so blown away by the fortitude, dedication and endurance that “iH8SUMMAhRuNNiN” demonstrated, they got together and celebrated them from afar!


Boston Crosses The Finish

As the original home of TMIRCE, it’s no surprise that they had such a solid showing in the top five of this 1,600+ mile race. “iH8SUMMAhRuNNiN” took second place and “Wicked Smahties” took a very close third place. TMIRCE: NYC’s “Sewer Gator’s” plowed through Long Island and finished slightly behind them.


The next teams put on an incredible show, the battle to see who would round out the top Five was between TMIRCE: NYC and TMIRCE: Upstate! After quiet a bit of back and forth, the hearty and brave “BK Thundercats” squeaked by a victory over the “Huevos RUNChero”, coming down to the very last minutes.


The Secret Race

We knew there were two dark horse runners. One was a known ultra marathoner who runs and wins 100 mile races, the other, a quiet long sleeve clad runner with a heart of gold and penchant for putting on his shoes and spending time on the road.

While most of us were egging each other on and watching our avatar’s tick around New York State, TMIRCE: NYC’s GoBroncos (Stephen Green) was battling TMIRCE: NYC’s HoosOnTheRun (Darren King) for most single runner mileage. A secret race where they posted their miles at odd times of the night to sneak ahead of the other, thanks to Racery’s emails, they often woke to “You’ve just been passed” or “Watch out, you’re only .3 miles ahead of…”. Sitting on the sidelines, I was amazed by how much their race-within-a-race was taking a life of it’s own, how strategically both of them were playing it and stealthy racing each other on.

In the end, GoBroncos inched ahead and won with a late night posting. GO STEPHEN!


Prizes and the Raffle

Because the “Track Rabbits” were able to hammer out the big W for the race, the top prizes – (3) 4iD Power Armz and (3) Shoe Clip Lights – were put back into the raffle bagv. Tier One prizes were the arm and ankle bands, Tier Two was a set of RaceDots bib magnets and Tier Three was (2) pairs of Runnies reflective laces.


Raffle tickets were awarded to each individual runner based on where their team standings and what milestones they crossed. If you would like a full list, or want to nerd out over super complex, Excel Sheets, Darren King set one up and we can forward it along.


 Race Director Chris Lopez put all the names in a bag and drew the following winners!



Tier One

TMIRCE: Boston – Supermere (Meredith Marx)
TMIRCE: NYC – KillahC8 (Caitlin Harley)
TMIRCE: Boston – Tongstah (Kristopher Tong)
TMIRCE: NYC – Kirst (Kirsty Morland)
TMIRCE: NYC – EMal (Elizabeth Mallory)
TMIRCE: Boston – JillC (Jill Conroy)

Tier Two

TMIRCE: NYC – Pumyra (Nikki Butgereit)

Tier Three

TMIRCE: NYC – Helene (Helene Soleille)
TMIRCE: NYC – Lion-O (Chad Donnick)



Fun Fact Corner

  • As a whole, the 75 runners logged 17,215.6 miles!
    • This is a full lap around Mars (13,263 miles) and almost four laps around Pluto (4,494 miles)
    • You would have burned through 57 pairs of sneakers if you replace them every 300 miles
    • This is 657 Full Marathons!
  • This milage is equivalent to burning 1,721,560 calories
    • This is over 11,100 beers!
    • It’s over 6,000 slices of Pizza
    • This is about 491 pounds
  • Twelve teams made it to the half way point
  • Seven teams made it to the three quarter mark!!

Thank you all for joining us on this very odd and silly journey. As a thank you, Darren King and Chris Lopez had magnets printed to commemorate and celebrate the first ever Virtual Race and first ever TMIRCE wide event! The magnets will be shipped to team leaders in other cities and will be distributed at the workouts all week.

Love and llamas!