Beginner’s Run Series


New to running and not sure where to begin? Have running related questions that Google can’t quite seem to answer? TMIRCE has your back!!

Join us for the Beginner’s Runs Series!!

How does it work?

The Beginner’s Run is a six week series of runs every Tuesday at 7:00PM beginning on October 4th and going through November 8th. Mileage will range between 1 to 3-ish miles, without any pace limitations – you can run, run/walk or walk the route as you get to meet TMIRCE runners and get comfortable running.

The runs will include tips to help your form and breathing. We’ll go over ways to increase endurance and speed.

We will be meeting at Whiskey Town on East 3rd Street between 2nd Avenue and Bowery. Bag drop, highfives, smiles and words of encouragement will be provided.



Have more questions?

Q: I’m really new to running/fitness and haven’t run a mile…ever. Can I come?
A: Yea-uh! This is for you.

Q: Ho much does this awesome class cost?
A: NOTHING! It’s 100% free! We just want to help people find the joy and love of running!

Q: How Do I find you guys?!
A: Show up to Whiskey Town by 7:00PM and look for all the excited people smiling!


Big smiles with TMIRCE: Beginners Run!