TMIRCE: Great Trek 2019

We are incredibly lucky and fortunate to bring you one of the most informal races ever!! So informal that we don’t have a physical location!

For those of you that participated in the “Great TMIRCE Trek” in 2016, you know how it works, for those of you that didn’t we’ll keep it simple.

 1.    It

2.    Will

3.    Be

4.    Awesome!

TMIRCE has teamed up with Racery to set up a custom virtual race route highlighting the course of the five specific Marathons, one in each of our awesome chapters’ home city!

What to expect: 

The Great TMIRCE Trek will begin on January 1st and will run until January 31st. Any miles you run during this time, either training, Track, Tempo, bRUNch miles or any other can be applied to your overall team total. 

This is a continuous loop, so you can log as many miles as you want over and over until January 31st, one full circuit would be about 131 miles, once you’ve gone around once, you continue back at the start with a total mileage count continuing! 

How it works:

- Racery has been amazing and has offered us a discount code of 100%... SERIOUSLY!!! 

- Teams will be made up of 2-3 members, if you have teammates in mind, you’re all set, if you need teammates, feel free to post in the TMIRCE chapter and find someone!

- As a group, you and your fellow TMIRCE runners will log miles into the Racery app or website. You can use any app, wearable device or running tracking system to track your miles, you just need to upload a screenshot and enter the completed miles on the Racery platform

- After entering the miles your team will be moved along the race course.

- Racery has rolled out a bunch of awesome new features, so you’ll see a lot of cool swag, posts and popups along the course, keep an eye out! Sneak peak

- This race is 100% optional and you should not feel pressured to participate at all! It's just a fun idea to get us ready for the winter!

Much love and llamas