2019 NYC Marathon

Informal Friends!!!

It’s perfect fall running weather, which means it’s also NYC Marathon season!

For those that don’t know, TMIRCE had guaranteed entry into the 2019 NYC Marathon - and through a rigorous and heavily researched plan, we raffled them odd based on attendance back in July!

Here are those winners who have committed to taking on 26.2 miles of NYC bridges, roads, concrete and smiles. Take it from us... it really does move you!!

Helena Cheng

Patricia Johnson

Anthony Galsim

Richie Eisenberg

You most likely recognize all of these faces, maybe follow them in run tracking apps, and know they are out there handing out sweaty high fives and toothy smiles long run after long run.

So join us in wishing them the best of luck, give them a reassuring high five at the next workout and get ready to cheer them on at our world renowned Cheer Squad on November 3rd!!


2018 NYC Marathon - TMIRCE Racing Team

Rounding out the incredible Informal Runner’s getting ready to take on the 26.2 mile block party!

Keep their faces and smiles in your mind’s eye and join us at our TWO cheer squads on November 4th, 2018!

Name: Eric Pastore

He says: Definitely looking forward to the energy of the marathon itself. It will be great to get hive fives from our Cheer Squads, and I’ll have thousands more cheering my name (or whatever I write on my shirt…). Getting my Sundays back after the race is also nice.


Name: Claire Wind

She says: What I’m looking forward to most is completing one of the longest relationships I have been in... 2 months of deciding whether or not to do it... 12 more months of completing 9+1... 12 more months for training and actually DOING IT!!

I’m excited of picking out a different color of toe nail polish other than deep purple to match my black toenails.

After 2 years of poster making and being a part of the best cheer squad ever, I’m going be on the other side of the high fives!!! Ready to get all of the high fives from my TMIRCE family! 


2018 NYC Marathon - TMIRCE Racing Team

Here’s the next batch of the incredible Informal Runner’s getting ready to take on the 26.2 mile block party!

Keep their faces and smiles in your mind’s eye and join us at our TWO cheer squads on November 4th, 2018!

Name: Jiheng Huang

He is: [looking] forward to "seeing the best of NYC - My TMIRCE friends!" during the marathon. 


Name: Matt Levin

He is: looking forward to all the people yelling [his] name as [he] runs by. “I'm a bit of a narcissist and had shirts printed up with sayings to encourage yelling my name. Go me”


Name: Keenan Lacey

He: can't wait to have a load of pints after the marathon...roll on the Guinness!


2018 NYC Marathon - TMIRCE Racing Team

Here are some more of the incredible Informal Runner’s getting ready to take on the 26.2 mile block party!

Several of these runners completed the 9+1 program to guarantee entry, some were prayed to the Race-Gods and got a spot in the lottery; no matter which way they got in - we’re giving solidarity high fives for their commitment through this training cycle!

Keep their faces and smiles in your mind’s eye and join us at our TWO cheer squads on November 4th, 2018!

Name: Leo Gil

He is: most looking forward to singing “This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan at the finish line.


Name: Victor Tello

He is: looking forward to beating [his] NYC marathon PR from last year: in time finishing the marathon and hamburgers consumed after. 


Name: Paul Huzarski

He is: most looking forward to crowds of "Thunder Alley" on the upper east side; and of course, blasting Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" in the final 400 meters of the race when [he] sprints to the finish.


2018 NYC Marathon - Ben Cassidy

Name: Ben Cassidy

Location: Sydney

Race History: First Marathon

Story: I was introduced to TMIRCE on a whim in 2015 via a friend of a friend from Australia. I wasn't a runner. I also didn't know a single person beforehand, but it didn't matter, and I've kept training every since.

Monday track workouts were and still are the best way to start a week in New York, catching up with a bunch of mates old and new, and generally having a good time while everyone pretends not to be exhausted. Saturday brunch runs are more of the same - everyone is welcoming and no-one could care less whether you're running fast or slow. It's these reasons I keep coming back, even when life drags me away from New York for weeks or months at a time. 

That's the thing about TMIRCE - it's all about the running, but it has nothing to do with the running. It's all about seeing friends every week, from all walks of life and from all over the world. 

Running a marathon is equal parts exciting and intimidating, with a hint of mystery as to whether i'll actually finish. I've been told it's easy - just put on the TMIRCE shirt and collect high-fives the whole way.

Best run ever.



2018 NYC Marathon - Catherine Olsen

Name: Catherine Olsen

Location: New York City

Race History: First Marathon

Story: I joined TMIRCE in June of 2017 on a whim. I went to bRUNch one Saturday fully expecting to never go back, but was immediately drawn in by the first, “Hi is this your first run with us??” Everyone was going out of their way to introduce themselves, learn my name, and offer the first of what would turn into hundreds of high-fives.

The energy in the room was tangible and I knew I had found the right group.

I’ve always had a complicated relationship with running and exercise. As someone in life-long recovery from an eating disorder, figuring out a healthy balance with running has always been a struggle for me. I wanted to join a running club to be surrounded by positive, motivating people who would inspire me to continue to improve my relationship with myself and with running. When I joined TMIRCE I realized I found those people.

I have found TMIRCE focuses on the joys of running, on challenging yourself to improve but not being hard on yourself, and on supporting everyone in their running journey. I came to TMIRCE for the motivation but stayed for the friendships I’ve made, the laughs that have gotten me through the worst workout, and the improvement I’ve seen my relationship with myself.

26.2 is the ultimate challenge, and this will be my first marathon. Representing a group of runners who have made such an impact in my life is exactly the way I want to do it.  


2018 NYC Marathon - Jenny Zanghi

Name: Jenny Zanghi

Location: New York City

Race History: First Marathon

Story: When I first moved to the city, I was fortunate enough to find TMIRCE:NYC right away. I was searching for a fun running community that balanced my need for an accomplished sweaty workout, as well as my desire for post workout beers or brunch among friends.

TMIRCE was that place.

It was a great way to get plugged into the city and meet people with similar interests and goals. I knew I would never have to go on a long run alone if I didn't want to (sometimes that is waaay too much time inside my own head), and I knew showing up to workouts would hold me accountable.

I appreciate that TMIRCE pushes you to exceed your own expectations and then celebrates your small victories with you. Speed workouts have always given me anxiety (I still get nervous-stomach before Monday Track), but the more workouts I attended, the stronger I felt.

Since having joined, my running life has improved and I have felt more comfortable taking on harder challenges. Case in point: the NYC Marathon. Two years ago, I would have guffawed at the thought of participating in this race. Yet, here I am: excited (also nervous) and ready to put in the miles! I am beyond thrilled to be participating in an event that brings the entire city together.

Running with TMIRCE has helped build my confidence and encouraged me to set bigger goals. Yes, I found a way to incorporate running into my social life. But more than that, TMIRCE is a club that encourages its members to step out of their comfort zones and up to the plate in a space that feels safe and supportive. So, thanks for all the high fives!! #runfasttakechances 

photo credit: cheereverywhere.com

photo credit: cheereverywhere.com