2018 NYC Marathon - Jenny Zanghi

Name: Jenny Zanghi

Location: New York City

Race History: First Marathon

Story: When I first moved to the city, I was fortunate enough to find TMIRCE:NYC right away. I was searching for a fun running community that balanced my need for an accomplished sweaty workout, as well as my desire for post workout beers or brunch among friends.

TMIRCE was that place.

It was a great way to get plugged into the city and meet people with similar interests and goals. I knew I would never have to go on a long run alone if I didn't want to (sometimes that is waaay too much time inside my own head), and I knew showing up to workouts would hold me accountable.

I appreciate that TMIRCE pushes you to exceed your own expectations and then celebrates your small victories with you. Speed workouts have always given me anxiety (I still get nervous-stomach before Monday Track), but the more workouts I attended, the stronger I felt.

Since having joined, my running life has improved and I have felt more comfortable taking on harder challenges. Case in point: the NYC Marathon. Two years ago, I would have guffawed at the thought of participating in this race. Yet, here I am: excited (also nervous) and ready to put in the miles! I am beyond thrilled to be participating in an event that brings the entire city together.

Running with TMIRCE has helped build my confidence and encouraged me to set bigger goals. Yes, I found a way to incorporate running into my social life. But more than that, TMIRCE is a club that encourages its members to step out of their comfort zones and up to the plate in a space that feels safe and supportive. So, thanks for all the high fives!! #runfasttakechances 

photo credit: cheereverywhere.com

photo credit: cheereverywhere.com