2018 NYC Marathon - TMIRCE Racing Team

Rounding out the incredible Informal Runner’s getting ready to take on the 26.2 mile block party!

Keep their faces and smiles in your mind’s eye and join us at our TWO cheer squads on November 4th, 2018!

Name: Eric Pastore

He says: Definitely looking forward to the energy of the marathon itself. It will be great to get hive fives from our Cheer Squads, and I’ll have thousands more cheering my name (or whatever I write on my shirt…). Getting my Sundays back after the race is also nice.


Name: Claire Wind

She says: What I’m looking forward to most is completing one of the longest relationships I have been in... 2 months of deciding whether or not to do it... 12 more months of completing 9+1... 12 more months for training and actually DOING IT!!

I’m excited of picking out a different color of toe nail polish other than deep purple to match my black toenails.

After 2 years of poster making and being a part of the best cheer squad ever, I’m going be on the other side of the high fives!!! Ready to get all of the high fives from my TMIRCE family!