2019 NYC Marathon - Anthony Galsim

Name: Anthony Galsim

Tell us your running backstory. My running history stems back in high school and college in cross country, indoor and outdoor track.  I was more of a sprinter/middle distance runner back then and I always enjoyed the 200m, 400m, 800m and occasionally the mile.  I enjoyed meeting other runners from other schools and leagues both at a social and competitive level. 

Several years have passed where I have kept myself in shape whether it would be running alone in the track, or just completing a session at the gym.  This provided me some release from the day-to-day.  However, it was not the same experience I felt from when I ran with a group.  This all changed when I was introduced to TMIRCE.

Why do you run with TMIRCE? I run with TMIRCE because of the welcoming members and support we all give each other.  There is a sense of teamwork when we cheer for each other during our workouts and a feeling of togetherness.

I love how even though we are informal, we still have structure with regards to weekly workouts at the track, tempo and weekend brunch runs.  I have been in and out of the running group for quite some time and from what I notice—there is always a place for every pace.

Why did you enter the TMIRCE NYC Marathon lottery? I wanted to try something new, so I put my name in.  At first, I really did not think I have a chance to get into this year’s lottery.  I was busy training for these longer races (Brooklyn Half, Staten Island Half, etc.) just to satisfy my 2020 Marathon 9+1 commitment and only a month after putting my name in—I get this little pleasant surprise informing me that I am one of the picks for this year.

What number marathon will the 2019 NYC Marathon be for you? This will be number one. Prior to my current training plan, the most I ever ran in one setting was 11 miles.

What excites you most about the NYC Marathon? The NYC Marathon is exciting to me because it will be the longest distance and largest event I have ever participated in to date.  In the past, I always observed how runners finish this event with a sense of pride and achievement.  I am very excited in my training plan and just hearing what goes on during race day.  A part of me is a bit anxious.  However, a bigger part of me cannot wait till race day!

What scares you the most about the NYC Marathon? The one thing that scares me about the marathon is this infamous wall everyone talks about.  In a way, it all makes sense on why this wall comes into effect for some of us.  I guess that just fuels me to not just run hard and take chances, but also run smart.

What’s your favorite distance? My favorite distance is the 5K.  It reminds me so much about my younger running days in cross country.  I feel like there’s so much opportunity for me to move up both in speed and strength on this event.  Sometimes, I laugh at myself when I hear some of my 5K splits in a longer race being faster than one of my previous 5K races.  That’s when I know I either messed something up, or I am due for a PR soon.

What’s your favorite post-race food? Spaghetti with meat sauce is my favorite post-race food.  I am guilty of this in many aspects.  If I could eat this 3-4 times a week, I totally would.

What lessons has running taught you? Running has taught me that every worth having is not going to just be handed to you.  No matter what level we are as athletes, we will have something either keeping us from our goals, or we will develop tools and tricks we can share to make us successful.  This concept goes beyond the run on the track, but also in our daily lives.

What motivates you to run/race? The thing that motivates me is the feeling during the run.  I specifically like to train more just so I can endure the race and tolerate the rest of the pain before I finish.

What’s the best part about running? The best part about running is knowing that this is something you can do alone and get a sense of self-achievement when tackling a new distance, or when with a group-you share a sense of building something together.  Not just a team, but a community. 

What advice would you give to a running newbie? The advice I would give to a new runner is to be consistent, but not too aggressive.  Start with short distances each week and if you can find a way to put a gym workout into the mix, feel free to do so.  Also, get familiar with your body’s limits.  Listen to it.  It is the best asset you’ll ever have.

Anthony Galsim

Anthony Galsim