2018 NYC Marathon - Ben Cassidy

Name: Ben Cassidy

Location: Sydney

Race History: First Marathon

Story: I was introduced to TMIRCE on a whim in 2015 via a friend of a friend from Australia. I wasn't a runner. I also didn't know a single person beforehand, but it didn't matter, and I've kept training every since.

Monday track workouts were and still are the best way to start a week in New York, catching up with a bunch of mates old and new, and generally having a good time while everyone pretends not to be exhausted. Saturday brunch runs are more of the same - everyone is welcoming and no-one could care less whether you're running fast or slow. It's these reasons I keep coming back, even when life drags me away from New York for weeks or months at a time. 

That's the thing about TMIRCE - it's all about the running, but it has nothing to do with the running. It's all about seeing friends every week, from all walks of life and from all over the world. 

Running a marathon is equal parts exciting and intimidating, with a hint of mystery as to whether i'll actually finish. I've been told it's easy - just put on the TMIRCE shirt and collect high-fives the whole way.

Best run ever.