TMIRCE Virtual Race – Week 2

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the end of Week 2 of the TMIRCE: Trek!

Today we will highlight some of the crazy, fun and silly awesomeness that is this virtual race around New York state.

Firstly, I am Seal-Oh, of the Track Rabbits, a grouped named in honor of the furry subterranean dwelling critters we all fear and love. Several people have noted that this team seems a bit stacked; how else could a super team of runners all end up on the team?! But I’ll have you know, we were meticulously selected by the Race Creator and put on a team for a very specific and super secret reason; a reason that is so secret, even trying to imagine the rational behind the dream that brought this secret plan into existence, would cause you to go completely and utterly insane. So if you have complaints, bring them up to Chris Lopez directly… oh wait… that’s me, never mind.

So for those concerned, just know that the Track Rabbits are excluded from prizes and act more as a race-hare for other teams.

With this in mind, let’s talk about the other incredible teams that have joined us! TMIRCE: Boston has two teams that are constantly battling it out for spots in the top five! Our newest sister club, TMIRCE: Upstate NY, has two teams plowing through miles filled with bears and other dangerous creatures. We even have a team of TMIRCE folk that are traveling the world in true Road Llamas sense, crushing miles in Canada, Paris, Colorado and New York.

On that note, let’s take a look at the week in virtual racing!

First Team Out!

The #VirtualRace kicked off on September 1st, and the BK Thundercats could not wait to get out there! They were the first team to log miles, and have consistently been laying done miles, keeping them among the top five teams on the leaderboards. They have worked together as a team to put down miles, and we’re sure they will continue to do so as the long-runs get longer and the temperature gets more favorable!

First Team Out of NYC!

The race started in Staten Island, and every team seemed to be in a rush to get out of there as soon as possible, I wonder why?! After the first two days of logging miles, we had eight teams already out of Manhattan, past Yonkers and over the Hudson River.

Fun Fact Time!

  • As a group, 72 active runners have logged over 4,100 miles! That’s the distance from Miami, Florida to Anchorage Alaska!
  • This mileage would be equal to running over 660 10Ks, or running over 310 half marathons, or running over 156 marathons, or running over 55 100K Ultra Marathons
  • In order to finish the race in time, each team would need to average 200(ish) miles per week. As of today, the top five teams are well on course with the next five teams (6th to 10th place) on track to finish over 70% of the course

What’s Next?

For anyone who was on the fence and didn’t sign up. Registration is open until the end of the day today, you can back date any miles you ran as of September 1st. All you have to do is click here and sign up, you can join a team that has open spots or start a new one.
*If that link doesn’t work, try this for the Virtual Race*

We’ll be doing another check-in at the end of Week 4. We’ll reveal a bit more about the prizes are, how they are picked and how they will be distributed.

We’re going to be doing “Race Team” profiles. If you would like to send out a blurb to the TMIRCE: Virtual Race list describing who you and your teammates are, reach out to Chris Lopez and Darren King who are managing the race.