Becky Fitzmorris

Name: Rebecca Fitzmorris

Current Location: Brooklyn, NYC

I found out about TMIRCE and The Rise when I met Ben and Chris Lopez at a Run and Chug meetup! I started out by going to The Rise and then switched over to TMIRCE about 2 months later going to both track on Mondays and brunch on Saturdays.

For a while I kept coming even when I wasn’t able to run (always injured) because everyone was just so nice and I loved the high fives. Now I still make an effort to go when I can because I consider everyone to be part of my family. My favorite thing about TMIRCE is the fact that we are all so supportive of each other – both at workouts with high fives and encouragement and in our personal lives. 

I will never forget how I had a housewarming party last year and the trains weren’t running to my apartment, far into Brooklyn and people still found a way to get there. Also, I will never forget the support that I had when raising money for charity to run the NYC Marathon last year and when my dad died soon after. People that didn’t even know me well in the group, donated so much and also reached out to me after my dad died and it is something that will always stay with me. 

The group is filled with the best hearted and most genuine people – something that is really hard to find in NYC. Since joining TMIRCE, my life has changed by far for the better. It isn’t just about running, but about the community of support we have formed. On a running related note – I think my favorite distance is a half. I like longer distances but never like to train for races and halfs seem to suit me well as a longer distance with minimal training.