Jiheng Huang

Name: Jiheng Huang

Location: New York City, NY

I found TMIRCE by…

Riding the subway with fellow TMIRCE runners Jerry and Zoran! It was New Year’s Day this year and we were on our way to Coney Island to participate in the ‘Polar Bear Plunge’! They kindly introduced me to the group. I was shocked when I found out sometimes they do a morning workout then run in the evening after work! I thought “Two workouts in a day? These people are crazy! Let’s run together crazy in the New Year”

The reason I stuck with TMIRCE…

This group makes running a habit. All those smiley faces make training or exercising a fun event to enjoy, instead of a painful process to go through. Oh, and I love the ongoing virtual race around New York State! We are team Road Llamas!

This coming Sunday (October 9th) I will be running my first race after moving to New York, the Staten Island Half Marathon. I know a lot of informal runners will be there, smiling and giving high fives!