Eric Sporkin

Name: Eric Sporkin

Location: New York City

I had finally reached my breaking point. I was tired of the same Central Park loop every single run. More importantly, I was tired of doing all of my runs by myself. And that's when I stumbled upon this on the JackRabbit website:

"Thursday 7PM: Tempo Thursday with TMIRCE"

I was, well, nervously intrigued I guess. I had questions. Was I too slow for the group? (No, all paces are welcome). What does "comfortably hard" mean? (It means hard. Like, hard.) Why did they keep mentioning high-fives? (They make you run faster and take more chances. Scientifically proven.) But I took the plunge and decided to check it out.

A little over a year later, I'm hooked. The workouts are challenging and fun, and the people are great. It's rare to find a group that can push you to your limits but never make you feel like you're not enough. They bring out your best and leave you with an unshakable warmth that lasts for days. Plus, Chris occasionally makes a good pun.

Now, with my second marathon coming up in November, I'm happier than ever to be a part of this crew. Running with TMIRCE isn't just training; it's how I de-stress at the end of a long day, it's how I catch up with friends, and it's how I get my daily quota of high-fives in.