2018 NYC Marathon - Catherine Olsen

Name: Catherine Olsen

Location: New York City

Race History: First Marathon

Story: I joined TMIRCE in June of 2017 on a whim. I went to bRUNch one Saturday fully expecting to never go back, but was immediately drawn in by the first, “Hi is this your first run with us??” Everyone was going out of their way to introduce themselves, learn my name, and offer the first of what would turn into hundreds of high-fives.

The energy in the room was tangible and I knew I had found the right group.

I’ve always had a complicated relationship with running and exercise. As someone in life-long recovery from an eating disorder, figuring out a healthy balance with running has always been a struggle for me. I wanted to join a running club to be surrounded by positive, motivating people who would inspire me to continue to improve my relationship with myself and with running. When I joined TMIRCE I realized I found those people.

I have found TMIRCE focuses on the joys of running, on challenging yourself to improve but not being hard on yourself, and on supporting everyone in their running journey. I came to TMIRCE for the motivation but stayed for the friendships I’ve made, the laughs that have gotten me through the worst workout, and the improvement I’ve seen my relationship with myself.

26.2 is the ultimate challenge, and this will be my first marathon. Representing a group of runners who have made such an impact in my life is exactly the way I want to do it.