Erin Kelly

Name: Erin Kelly

 Current Location: Harlem, NY

Since joining TMIRCE I’ve… finished 8 marathons, survived a 200-mile relay race across Cape Cod without any shower breaks, helped pace an ultra marathon, gone on many road trips to run races I’m not prepared for, been introduced to the sport of triathlon, bought a bike (and in general, spent way too much money on said sport of triathlon), learned waking up early on Sundays for long runs can be fun despite your hangover if you do it with the right people, competed in a bunch of swim-bike-run events and one giant Ironman-sanctioned brick that I am still kind of bitter about, wrote a bunch of articles featuring TMIRCE members that would not have been possible without them, met some of my absolute best friends (including my roommate!), enjoyed being part of an amazing running community, and have learned that every Monday is an opportunity to have the best track workout, ever.