Sam Thomas

Name: Samantha Thoms

Current Location: New York City, New York

I’ve been running for twenty years.  In that time, I’ve ran for many reasons: as part of a high school and college team, to PR in a race, so I can keep up with my friends, to get back in shape and to tire out a little dog before taking him on a plane.  Beyond these reasons, running gets into my system and suddenly I find myself needing to go on a run to find balance, to shake off some unhappy feelings, or to burn off energy that is driving my boyfriend crazy.

Running with TMIRCE meets those needs in a warm circle of welcoming, kind, crazy people.  TMIRCE offers not just new running buddies, but a wide range of people that inspire, push and encourage.  The friends I meet through TMIRCE understand why someone would plan their weekends around their runs and why even with humidity or frigid rain, you’ll find me putting on my shoes to get to track. Not only is it good for you, you’ll also be with your friends, possibly suffering together, but also making memories and getting stronger.

One more thing… I also love TMIRCE because it is really, really easy to stick with.  It only takes three(ish) steps.

  1. Show up.  Give as many high-fives as you can.
  2. Run fast and take chances. (within reason).
  3. Dance a little happy dance and head to the bar.