Rachel Cochran

Name: Rachel Cochran

Location: New York, NY

Sometime in December 2013, it dawned on me that I couldn't live the rest of my life like a college kid on spring break, so I made a conscious effort to discover new hobbies. I went to drawing classes, I spent mornings teaching kids to read, I joined a crossfit box in the neighborhood - nothing really stuck.

 One day, I dragged myself out of bed and shyly showed up to The Rise. Another morning, I did it again. People remembered my name, where I was from, what I did for a living. They were so friendly I questioned whether or not New York City was playing a practical joke on me. I was invited to a TMIRCE workout where the same thing happened again. It seemed like every workout I left, I also left with an invite to grab a bite to eat after or go to someone's birthday party next weekend. At first, I politely declined, assuming I was being invited because I happen to be standing there. After enough urging, I started to say yes, getting over myself and realizing that these people actually wanted to get to know me. Sometime in between Brittney's going away Wine Mile (god bless) and post-track pizza with Anthony and Jono, I realized that I was a missing puzzle piece in this community.

 I've never met a group of people more willing to do activities for the sheer love of activities. A group of 10 or so TMIRCE kids even visited my grandparents in New Hampshire with me one weekend just because I said to someone, "hey, I'm driving up to my grandparent's house this weekend, wanna come?" (to this day, a conversation does not pass without the mention of #TeamChris). Since that December, I've run races and triathlons I assumed could only be completed by the hyper-dedicated-near-Olympian athletes. I've taken more left turns around the track than I ever thought I would in my life. Exercise is cool and all, but at this point I'm really just showing up to see my friends.