Abi VerValin

Name: Abigail VerValin

Location: New York City

Like many others, I found TMIRCE when I was new to New York and looking to meet people with similar interests. I showed up to bRUNch on a rainy morning, nervous and not sure what to expect but was met with an exceptionally warm welcome and tons of high fives.

That day I decided 2 things: 1. I was going to become a runner and 2. I was never ever ever going back to bRUNCh.

Quite frankly, shyness got the better of me and I wrote TMIRCE off completely.  I continued to build up my running independently and at a certain point thought back to that group of friendly runners, all swapping race stories and training tips.  I made my return to bRUNch….4 months later. It finally STUCK.

Since then, I’ve gone to countless bRUNches, track workouts, Fridays at the Willy B, happy hours, housewarmings, birthday parties and cheer squads. Not only have I become a better runner, but I’ve also made life-long friends.

And that is basically the strategy: Come to steal training tips and stay because the people make your life immeasurably better.