Catherine Stevenson

Name: Catherine Stevenson

Location: New York City

When I moved to NYC a couple of years ago, I started looking for running clubs as a way to meet people outside of work. TMIRCE was in my neighborhood, and after a few track workouts, I was hooked (and incredibly sore).

I had been running casually through grad school, but hadn't really run fast in about ten (!) years. TMIRCE had me coming back because I felt challenged AND supported; I am getting faster, but the reason I come back is to see friendly, familiar faces. I have chronic (near) perfect attendance and you will see me at most Monday track and Thursday tempo workouts.

My first running event was when a gym teacher tricked me into doing hurdles in middle school; I kept with it through high school. I also played soccer in the fall, but finally admitted I was a better runner than player, so I quit to join cross country. Not only were they invariably a nicer group of people, but I found a sport that I would continue to be passionate about into my adult life. I finished my first marathon this year and hope to make it an regular event.

I may have been a runner off and on for almost 2 decades but I am constantly inspired by and keep learning from my fellow TMIRCE members!